We have created an environmental policy to contribute to the ecological balance and to provide clean and adequate resources for future generations. Our environmental policy base is to provide the best service in our business while minimizing any negative environmental impacts of our activities.

Our goal is to help future generations leave a clean world with sufficient resources. We have a sense of environmental protection that reduces the damage done to the environment by reducing the use of natural resources and aims to reduce the risks that may occur.

That is why our policy is;

• To comply with the environmental legislation in our country and to provide updates,

• Delivering the environment we receive safe and clean,

• Leaving a livable world for future generations for sustainable living,

• We have launched an environmentalist movement to influence not only SOLENTURK individuals but also our customers, all environmental enterprises and employees,

• To make our employees aware of our responsibilities towards the environment and to ensure their participation,

• Protect and replicate green.

Our main objectives and targets in the above policy are;

o Reduce and prevent air and water pollution, leaks and spills and noises as much as possible,

o To ensure the efficient use of energy and materials and to continuously improve our energy performance,

o To control and minimize environmental factors related to new products to be produced in the future or new processes and activities to be developed, to choose energy efficient technologies and applications,

o To carry out energy efficiency projects for efficient use of energy and to carry out activities that will increase the use of renewable energy resources,

o To supply energy efficient products and services in production and all processes.